New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide - South Island Fly Fishing


Spring weather throughout New Zealand. Opening of most rivers & lakes except the high country with late rainbows spawning. Good nymph fishing for resident browns, rivers un-crowded.


The start of summer weather. Flowers blooming & beautiful. Good dry fly hatches & nymph fishing. Rainbow fisheries open, fish hungry! My pick as the best month to fish. Un-crowded. Can be breezy in the Alps. Start of night fishing for sea runners. Brown beetle starts to fly.


Summer begins December 21st, the longest day of the year. Good dry & nymph fishing. Great evening hatches. Good water clarity. Christmas holidays 23rd - 15th Jan see greater numbers of 'Kiwis' on the rivers. Weather settling down.


Good time to spot fish. Good weather means popular time for visiting anglers. Rivers fish
well on dries & nymphs


Hottest month of the year. Very settled in the mountains. Most popular time for visitors. Good dry fly & terrestrial fishing. Rivers getting lower & fish need more stealth & some are getting selective.


Weather still warm & settled. Fish in good condition. Good time for trophies. Not as many anglers as last month. Still good dry fly fishing, salmon runs start.


Last month of regular season except for some high country rivers which close earlier. Fish in top condition, with lovin' on the mind. Un-crowded. Fish are active with cooler water


May-September- Contact us regarding winter fishing opportunities in South Canterbury